Why I'm Relaunching My Coaching Biz in 2019

My career as a writing coach began by chance in 2005. I was a broke, newly divorced mom trying to scratch out a living as a writer and part-time creative writing instructor. An acquaintance asked, "Hey, if I give you 20 bucks will you look at something I wrote?" Is that legal? I wondered. Is that even a thing? But okay, yeah sure, "Let's take a peek," I said, slipping the twenty into my pocket. And like that, a business had launched.

Coaching became the work I crammed into my schedule as I continued to teach, write one book and then another, freelance, and raise my kids. I even squeezed some coaching in the year I had a full-time job and a part-time teaching gig. That year I ran into a client I'd delayed responding to mid-flight coming home from a family vacation. We did some seat trades and did a coaching session right there somewhere over the Pacific. Single parents, we make it work!

But my life has changed. My kids grew up. My life slowed down, and in that slowing my commitment to teaching and coaching deepened. Client and student successes jolted me with pleasure (see examples here!). Witnessing their growth and accomplishment renewed my awe for the creative process. And, I began to realize that coaching had become central to my sense of purpose, that my best work these days often happened in collaboration with a client who was in the midst of a memoir or a personal essay. So why not move coaching to the middle of my life?

From my journal--a bit messy, yes.

So what's changing with this relaunch? Not my rates (still charging 120/hour as I have since 2014). Not the work itself. (I still have the same brain).

The change is in my deepening commitment and in my availability. I've taken on fewer standing work commitments for 2019. And, I'm reserving Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays for coaching clients. As always you can email me at theonestorprods@gmail.com to explore the possibility of coaching.

So okay, but why relaunch?

I'm relaunching to announce my commitment to coaching writers.

I'm relaunching for a fresh start, to remind us all that we can always realign our priorities and begin again.

I'm relaunching for all the clients who waited sometimes way too long for me to get back to them because coaching wasn't my top priority. I'm sorry!

I'm relaunching to say, "I'm truly grateful to for this work and I'm going to dig in this year."

I'm relaunching to hold myself accountable.

I'm relaunching to say, "I'm here. I'm still here."

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