Theo Hosts Wild Mountain Memoir Retreat in the Cascade Mountains

Hi All,

Big news! I’m hosting the Wild Mountain Memoir Retreat, a memoir writers’ retreat in the

Cheryl Strayed, Keynote Speaker at Wild Mountain Memoir Retreat

Washington’s Cascade Mountains, March 15th-17th.  The keynote speaker for the memoir extravaganza will be Cheryl Strayed, author of Wild (read my post about Wild), Tiny, Beautiful Things, and Torch.  When I asked Cheryl about her talk, she said it would be about the “Big, Deep Things” of memoir writing, including how meaning is made within a memoir, how memoirists use intuition and excavate the layers of a narrative.  The words “I can not wait” have just taken on new meaning.

The classes at the retreat will range from topics to How to Write a Killer Scene to Writing about Sexuality and Sexual Identity (more on this soon, I promise) and will be taught by a dream team of literary and feisty writers who are what I very inarticulately call “pro-other writer,” a community-minded, sympatico lot who are as committed to advancing the work of their students as they are to developing their own ability, wisdom, and craft.  I promise to be back here later in the week and tell you all about them, but for now….drumroll….the list:

Candace Walsh

Ariel Gore

Suzanne Finnamore

EJ Levy


Um, me, Theo Pauline Nestor

Did I mention that all this will be happening in a place that looks like a Northwest version of heaven?  Sleeping Lady Resort is what you might create if you had a nice chunk of land in the Cascades, a nice stack of money, and a desire to create a groovy resort.  In fact, if you watch the video of the history of the resort on this page, you’ll see that’s pretty close.  No time for that?  Just picture: a big outdoor hot pool in which you can stare at the mountains and the stars, a maze of outdoor paths studded with random works of art, elegant dining room overlooking a pine-lined creek, a cozy little bar….

Here’s the scoop on the retreat if you want to share the news on Facebook, Twitter (#WildMountainMemoirRetreat), or at your mom’s retirement center (no link).  Check it out and sign up. Earliest bird prices are now in effect.

Wild Mountain Memoir Retreat, held March 15-17, 2013 at Sleeping Lady Resort near Leavenworth, WA, will offer an opportunity for established and emerging memoirists to acquire new skills, build a writing community, and renew their vision as writers. The keynote speaker, Cheryl Strayed, will talk about the need for memoirists to make meaning, take risks, and excavate the layers within their narratives. Candace Walsh, Suzanne Finnamore, Ariel Gore, EJ Levy, and Theo Pauline Nestor will teach ten different classes focusing on the craft of literary memoir writing, the genre’s ethical and logistical challenges, and strategies for overcoming memoir’s most common obstacles.
Hope to see you there!
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