I took a self-styled “sabbatical” from my psychotherapy practice so I could work on my memoir. But after writing about 150k words I was at an impasse about how to make it all fit together. Around then, I read Writing is My Drink, which I loved. I got the idea to contact Theo for mentoring, though after reading her book I was somewhat star struck and wondered if she was too famous and talented to want to work with someone like me. Answer: no! She was wonderfully down to earth, like that funny friend that you can’t quite get enough of. She read all of my pages – so many! – and then we met via GoToMeeting for an hour and a half. The meeting was recorded so I could return later to review it, which I have. Theo did something that isn’t easy: she gave me just enough critique to get me moving, but also plenty of positive reinforcement. I left the meeting feeling buoyed and hopeful. Her main piece of advice has had a huge effect on my project. She said she thought that my memoir was actually a novel (and gave me many reasons why). Though I was surprised, I knew she was right. After this nudge I haven’t looked back. I have finished one full draft of the novel and am working on revisions. I’m so grateful for Theo!