Now Is a Good Time to Be Creative and other Santa Fe wisdom

Book writing and blogging really don’t mix. I’ll just say that. One’s a marathon and the other’s a sprint, and I’ve been working on the marathon this week, hanging out with my writer friends Candace Walsh and Laura Andre, editors of Dear John, I Love Jane in Santa Fe.  But I thought I’d poke my head up and say hi and tell you how much fun I’m having writing the book Writing Is My Drink (Simon and Schuster 2013!)this summer. 

I had a big breakthrough after Candace and I had a long talk about both our books (She’s writing a memoir I cannot wait to read called Licking the Spoon, which will come out from Seal Press next year sometime).  She said, “Write as if the book were going to be published anonymously. Pour your whole self into it.  You can always edit out stuff later.”  I’ve heard this before (I think I might have even said it), but somehow coming from Candace, a writer I trust, I really heard it.  And the next day, I had the best writing day I’ve had in a long time.  Yay writer friends! 

And when I was coming out of my great writing day at the Teahouse on Canyon Road I saw this van.  So Santa Fe.  So urgent. Love it. 

Now Is a Good Time to Be Creative


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