Theo Nestor Author PhotoHi, I'm Theo Pauline Nestor, writer, writing coach, and creator of the Writing Is My Drink blog, a place for writers coming into their own and finding their voice. Here you'll find interviews with writers, 26-minute memoirs, writing advice, lists of "What I'm Digging Now," book reviews (once in a great while), news about my writing and teaching life, and more. Slake your thirst; find your voice.

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Follow these links to purchase recordings to my webinars "How to Write a Personal Essay," "How to Write a Modern Love (That Stands a Chance)" with New York Times Modern Love Editor Dan Jones, and "How to Write a Memoir Book Proposal" with literary agent Anjali Singh.

How to Write a Personal Essay


How to Write a Modern Love


How to Write a Memoir Book Proposal


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